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About Us

Mission Statement

Custom Prints By Me LLC was created with the goal of offering unique artistic designs displayed on a wide variety of products, ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, Masks, hats, and all the way to different types of accessories for people of all ages.


Our Purpose

Having direct access and strong business relations with our own quality-inspected manufactures, warehouses, and suppliers will allow us to offer customers products designed with extreme care and exceptional prices.

We are a customer-focused online store, with customers all around the world. Service and quality of materials, products, and manufacturers is our main goal and what we strive for. 


Our Guarantee

Shopping online comes with a risk of not receiving the right item, not being delivered, receiving it in damaged condition, and the list of scenarios goes on. That's why we've taken the mess on our hands to give our customers proper packaging from reliable suppliers, fast shipping and delivery times, delivered with well-known shipping carriers, great customer support, and 30 days post-delivery refund guarantee. Check our refund policy to learn more.